Path of Exile’s New Update: War For The Atlas And The Abyss Challenge League

The War for the Atlas is new update for Path of Exile, this update is considered as a patch, and it improves balancing and other issues found in the Xbox One version. It’s worth noting that War for the Atlas introduces over thirty new maps with a lot of endgame items, this is impressive. What do you know more? Do you know the War for the Atlas features? The following is more details, enjoy it. You can also visit website to know more.


Endless Character Customization: Find four new Skill Gems designed around necromancy, six new Support Gems and over fifty new Unique Items.

War for the Atlas: A mysterious entity known only as The Elder haunts the Atlas, spreading decay and battling The Shaper for control.

Available on Xbox One and PC: Both Path of Exile: War for the Atlas and the Abyss Challenge League are available on PC and Xbox One. And, of course, both are 100% free to play.

New Bosses: Along with deadly encounters at the end of each new map, this expansion introduces the four Elder Guardians, whom you must defeat before you are able to face the Elder himself.

The Atlas, Redrawn: Find your way to the center of the Atlas through new paths and discover new challenges along the way. War for the Atlas adds 32 randomized maps to Path of Exile’s ever-evolving end-game.

New End-game Items: As the war between the Shaper and Elder rages, challenge their control of the Atlas to find exclusive new rare items that have special properties: Shaped Items and Elder Items.

Abyss League: Coinciding with the launch of Path of Exile: War for the Atlas, we’re introducing the Abyss Challenge League. Fight ancient foes that spill forth from the cracks beneath your feet as you journey across Wraeclast, and claim valuable new Abyss Jewels to customise your characters and items in new ways.

In the recent years, Path of Exile has received extensive updates and has seen continual, massive audience growth. Path of Exile will be the popular game in the world. You can find more information from here:


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